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The advantages of high quality water reach far beyond great taste. Whether it’s helping you drink more water to stay hydrated and healthy, or keeping appliances running like new — and using less energy— or protecting your plumbing, fixtures, and more from water wear and tear, better water brings a world of benefits home that you’ll notice right away.

Watertown relies on water from the North Big Sioux River and Lake Kampeska, and while it’s nice to have locally-available water, it doesn’t always mean that water is fresh or delicious right out of the tap.

Water Quality in Watertown

Watertown drinking water comes from surface water sources (lakes, rivers, and streams) by way of wells along the river. So, depending on where you live, from Codington to Spink County, the water quality you experience in your home will often vary according to environmental factors and seasonality, like spring flooding. 

Surface water, like the water that comes from Lake Kampeska and the Big Sioux River, can have a lot of advantages, however when surface water does experience issues, they’re often obvious and time consuming to fix.

One of the most common Watertown water problems — water contaminated with hexavalent chromium and or trithalomenes — is generally the result of surface water that’s been contaminated by chemical or agricultural contamination.  The city of Watertown’s water utility provides filtration to match federal safe drinking water standards, but this doesn’t always mean the water is free from certain concentrations of these potentially-hazardous chemicals.

Water Treatment Solutions

The right solution for your water needs often depends on what’s in your water specifically.  For chemicals and other dissolved contaminants like those often found in Watertown’s water, the best solutions are generally reverse osmosis treatment and ion exchange filtration. 

At Culligan of Watertown, that’s why we’re here — to test, evaluate, and help you access the best quality water in your home on your budget. Whether that’s a reverse osmosis drinking water system, a whole home water softener, or something else, we’ll customize a solution that’s right for your Watertown water.

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